ForgeI’m primarily using this blog space a place to organize and challenge the thoughts that I feel are foundational to other thoughts and beliefs that I have.   I will intersperse the posts with some lighter fare and potentially develop some thematic posts.  My hope is to have about a post a week – maybe getting regularly and more frequent with time.

Please feel free to comment, both on new and old posts.  I will try to respond to on topic questions and challenges eventually (within a day or two, hopefully), though  the speed may vary, as I don’t want this to significantly interfere with the other facets of my life^_^ (which, is super optimistic in terms of the response I’m likely to get ^_^).

Regarding any sort of personal interactions, I want to establish two guiding principles.  First, I do no want to focus on holistic identities of people when discussing topics.  If I quote someone, even a quote I agree with, is not a wholesale endorsement of the individual’s belief system/framework/worldview.  I want to wrestle with the idea they have presented, not other ideas that make them bad/good people.  Secondly, I want to fight against the inherent tribalism we all tend towards.  I do not want to defend ideas just because a group I’m associated with generally agrees with said idea.  I’m more interested in how ideas merge within an individual’s framework – mine and anyone who engages with a post.

Briefly about me:  I am a married man and father to three sons (twins from 2016 and another from 2018).  I am committed to my extended family and I have a tight group of friends I meet with regularly.  I work as a fulltime mental health case manager and a part-time wedding photographer.  I love hobby level board games – I have biweekly board game nights at my house and run tournaments at my FLGS.